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Individual Work

What has been extremely important to the art process over the past several years has been working outside of my studio in Louisiana. What I have found most stimulating is to place myself in another location and allow that environment to influence me. The newness and freshness of that environment can be quite stimulating and exciting. This has released me and my art from being tethered to one studio, one geography, one sameness. Confronted with new environment, the possibilities stimulate new directions, and all is possible. I attempt to express this freshness and excitement in the art that is produced at that location. The utilization of local discarded and found objects determines either their profound affect or, more often than not, manifestations humor and whimsy. This I particularly like. These influences keep my art fresh and keep me off balance, which translates to the art. The gathering and making of these art objects are perhaps akin to collecting my own natural history.